Natural quartzite is an up and coming surface that has become very popular in today’s market. Its beautiful veining that resembles marble makes it a favorite. Natural quartzite is a metamorphic rock formed from sandstone that has undergone vast amounts of heat and pressure. It is extremely hard and is a good option a heavily used surface. Since it is a hard stone, it resists scratching and etching. Spills should still be cleaned up quickly. Quartzite should be sealed just like any other natural stone.

Natural quartzite is on the higher end as far as cost. However, its unique beauty and durability make it well worth the cost for many buyers.

There are “quartzite” materials on the market today that contain calcite, which is a mineral found in marble. These quartzites do etch and are more porous than 100% quartzite. Imperial Marble & Granite, Inc. tests each lot of quartzite that we receive to determine if it contains calcite. If it does, we will label it as so. This is done for our clients to be fully aware of the material they are purchasing.