The process of purchasing natural stone and quartz can start a few different ways. Most customers visit our facility to make selections first. This is what we recommend. Come to our location with your plan or measurements, and see what is available. After you browse, and see what you like we can provided an estimated cost. Other customers choose to have an in home estimate. In this case, one of our sales representatives will come to your home with a few samples, and give you prices for a few different options. We also have clients who place their order over the phone. We highly recommend customers who are looking for natural stone to come to our facility and view the material they will be getting in person. Natural stone varies from lot to lot. Therefore, the sample you see may not be from the same lot you will get in your home. Quartz products are very consistent, and choosing from the samples is the norm.

Once you have finalized on your selection and would like to place an order, we require a 50% deposit to reserve or order (if not in stock) your material. After the deposit is paid, we will tag the material with your name and hold it until you are ready.

We are open Monday through Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., and Saturday 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. We recommend planning to spend at least an hour at our facility. We have a very large selection, and browsing through everything takes time. Please allow yourself enough time when planning your visit.

Appointments are not required, but are strongly suggested to ensure a representative is available to assist you. There is so much to know in this process, and our representatives will be sure to give you an education. Making an appointment will guarantee that a representative will be available to show you all of the products we offer, and let you know all there is to know about our products and services.

The turnaround from template to install is typically 7-10 business days. Smaller projects can be turned around faster than larger products. Premium edges, double lamination, mitered edges and intricate designs will take longer. We always accomadate our clients needs if it is possible. Turnaround time can be discussed at your order, and we will do the best we can to work with your schedule.

Templating takes about 50 sq. ft. an hour, but also depends upon the complexity of your job. Your input is essential to getting the results you envision. Our technician will discuss your options regarding design elements so it is important that someone is there to go over these things. Please allow time for this. Make sure your countertops are cleared off before we arrive so we can template properly.

Fabrication will take approximately 4-8 business days to cut, polish, and prepare your material for installation. Larger projects and custom designs can take longer.

The installation time varies by job. On average installation takes about 2-3 hours for a standard 40-60 sq. ft. job. Smaller jobs can be done in one hour, and larger projects can take days. Please plan on being present during both templating and installation.

The main difference between granite and marble is that granite is a highly dense material formed deep inside the earth’s core while marble is formed from sediments under the seabed. Both solidify into stone after millions of years but the mineral composition of the two stones makes marble and granite react differently to various chemicals and household cleaners. Granite is the more practical choice because it holds up very well to everyday use. Marble is very soft, so it does not hold up well with everyday use. Marble scratches, etches and stains very easily, and granite does not.

The factors that determine whether you get a seam or not are slab sizes, kitchen layout, size of cut outs and accessibility. Imperial Marble & Granite makes the decision on whether there will be a seam or not. We prefer no seams when possible, but many times it is not possible. If a seam is required, our shop technicians will work to ensure the seam comes together in the best possible way. To minimize the visual impact, our technicians will make sure the color match of the two pieces being seamed together goes together well. Our installation technicians will use a color matched epoxy to bind the two pieces together.

We do offer countertop removal and disposal for an additional fee. We also can refer you to a plumber that we work with all the time. If you choose to use our plumber, we will coordinate the disconnection and reconnection of your plumbing with the installation of your countertops. Payment for plumbing services needs to be paid directly to our plumber.

No electrical, plumbing or appliance installation services come with the purchase of countertops. With the purchase of a countertop we will mount your sink to the countertop and drill the hole(s) for your faucet. All water supply fixtures and drain lines must be connected by a plumber.

All appliances must be leveled, secured and connected to their gas, propane, electrical or plumbing connections by your general contractor, appliance installer, or by the homeowner. We are not carpenters, painters, or appliance installers.

Most people purchase a new sink and faucet with their new countertops. Also the existing sink is most likely not an undermount, and that is what is being used most of the time. If you like, you can re-use your existing sink. The cut out and mounting of the sink are still included with the installation.

Dishwashers are fairly easy to replace since they are all a standard 24″. The mounting brackets of dishwashers do vary from model to model, which use to pose a little problem because you would need the dishwasher screws re-drilled into the granite. However, we now use a EZ dishwasher mounting bracket that is universal to all dishwashers. We attach the bracket to the granite, and the dishwasher attaches to the bracket. If you need to replace your dishwasher, there is no problem because the bracket works with every dishwasher.

Cooktops should be carefully considered prior to having granite made specifically to fit your existing model as the opening is made to fit that exact appliance. Cooktops are not standard sizes, and are most likely not going to just drop right in when you get a new one. If you do get a new cooktop in the future, and it doesn’t fit, we can come out and cut the opening larger for a service call fee.

A 30″ oven does not always swap in and out where 30″ oven was before due to notches or actual oven size variation of the previous vs the replacement oven.

Maintenance and cleaning will depend on the material you purchased.

Natural stone should be cleaned with dish soap and water or a pH balanced cleaner made specifically for natural stone. Natural stone is porous. Therefore, you want to seal your natural stone periodically. The recommendation is every 6 months to a year, and does depend on the specific stone you purchase. Our representatives can inform you on the best way to care for and maintain your natural stone.

Quartz materials should also be cleaned with mild soap and water. Soft scrub works well on quartz. Quartz does not need to be sealed. It is non-porous.

Abrasive cleaners should be avoided with all surfaces. It will dull the material after awhile.